Why despicable? An hour’s radio listening in which one hears no political songs says something terrifying about our world, because our deepest passions shouldn’t be exclusively genital. I hate to be terrified, hence these songs. Meanwhile political songs that say nothing objectionable (nothing new) are just marketing.  I’ve made no-one angry I’ve failed.  Art is failure in its purest, crystalline form.   As we say here at despicablemusic.org,Love Des Pickard – hate yourself!!!”

Why “.org?”  – I attended a songwriting workshop once with four hitmakers and an ad jingle writer.  Over the course of the evening they all turned into the ad jingle writer.  I swore a mighty (and redundant!) oath never to accept a penny for the songs , as talent is nothing to be proud of and as love for sale, isn’t.  It’s a completely unviable business model.  If these songs are worth anything pay me with a discrete uptick in your political involvement.  Self-education counts. 
Suggested donation: one human soul It’s all we ask.

Music is about passions. Mine include Noam Chomsky, Christopher Lasch, Simone Weil and Karen Amrstrong with some Chris Hedges thrown in.   Your passions are fine too!  *You might check out theanalysis.news, counterpunch.org and democracynow.org, or try googling variations on “activists arrested [my town].”