… Despicable? Political tunes should make you angry: at life, at yourself or at the songs whose messages will thereby spread through your every unguarded word and deed.  As we say at DP.O,Love Des Pickard – hate yourself!!!” Des is me.

“.org?” Talent is nothing to be proud of, neither is loving to be sold. Political songs should include both.  I’ve sworn a mighty, redundant oath never to make a penny off these songs (excluding free beers) and I request, if they merit payment, that you consider acting on anything in them that’s worth repeat listens. Non-violently, please, and self-education counts*.  Suggested donation: 1 soul It’s all we ask.

Music is about passions. Mine include Noam Chomsky, Christopher Lasch, Simone Weil and Karen Amrstrong with some Chris Hedges thrown in.  Yours are fine too!  * You might check out therealnews.com, counterpunch.org and democracynow.org, or try googling variations on “activists arrested [my town].”