Blue Blue State

(Brooklyn’s inimitable Chris D. Butler recorded this and guided me through a simple piano part (I played piano!) and quasi-mastered the track “in-board” for me, begging me to get it done right – then I ineptly and jarringly substituted one word of revised, (bedroom-sung) lyrics because I can’t be both inaccurate and rude about the working class without losing all sense of myself. Sorry, Chris (and listeners), and thank you, Chris!!)

Rule by a fool isn’t cool, to be sure
He couldn’t even say “nuclear”
He talked like (and, well, okay, murdered) the poor
Without ever enduring their fate
Rule by the rulers as cool as to be
That’s what we call “meritocracy”
Your embarrassment redden to hate
I see your embarrassment redden to hate
And now I’m in a

Blue State
I’m in a blue
Blue State
Without your love I am utterly blue
What in the world do you want me to do no don’t answer that, it’s okay, really, no wait

I’m in a blue state

Hand in your land to a banker or king
If you want it all squandered on gambling
The banditry generally stand to the bling
At an inverse proportional rate
So swaddled in twaddle and pablum and puns
In bubbles to match the financial ones
With our knolwedge we play “Keep away” from the Huns
From the barbarians at the gate
And now there are barbarians at the gate
Outside of my

Blue state
I’m in a blue
Blue state
Without your love I may be turning blue
What in the world do you want me to do no no it’s okay, hang on, no really no wait:

(Blue state.)

Whether it’s breadth of the wallet or head
Is how the “ocracy”‘s “merited”
And which it’d be best to inherit instead
To be master of everyone’s fate:
Make of the hats or what’s under the hats?
Plutocrats or Technocrats
There was another word ended with that
It was hang on, no it’s okay, really, no wait!

“Liberal” as literally “fit to be free”
Rituals of sensitivity
Tell us who’s meant in our presence to speak
Or our young men and women to date
So every four years we find out who prefers
Their CEOs to their managers
I guess we’re okay till the next one occurs and it’s
“Darling, don’t say it’s too late”
And it well might be “Darling, don’t say it’s too late”
For me and my

Blue state
I’m in a blue
Blue state

Okay: Your tolerance even for intellect falls
The more the goddamned intellectuals
Treat whether the unlettered
Or poor should be culls
As the meaning of all the debate

And I’m in a blue state.