Cthulhu Fhtagn

My mom chose not to see the doctor:
She swore she’d take a nap instead.
My mom was stubborn, there’s nobody could have talked her
Out of dying in bed.
Our next decision would’ve shocked her,
Like either ought to
Have won –
But we’re calling it:
No need to chart the speed we’re falling at:
Decree or not their deed appalling that
Move on
Cthulhu Fhtagn

Our next decision who to war on –
And how much more it’s gonna take?
There’s only so much 911, and CPR, and
Pleading loved ones awake
Then days into life after Karin,
Instead of Russia Iran.
We’re calling it
There’s only so old that we’re all gonna get
What could have sold this as enthralling yet,
Her son?
Cthulhu Fhtagn

At last alone with her decision
Determined drowning into sleep
Long-contemplated lapse from our religion
of “beep beep beep beep” &c.

Four score and something years are plenty
Like any here will live that long
If I’m still singing this long past two thousand twenty
Then I’m possibly wrong
Try telling your average cognoscenti
They’re the deplorable one
But we’re calling it
What’s done is done and not for bawling at
With everyone convinced it’s all been said
And done
Cthulhu, Chtulhu Fhtagn