A was an Answer I already knew!
B was the Bore I’d been turning into:
C the Calamity nothing will slow!
And D was the Day I’d be ready to go.

E was the Evidence, piled to the stars,
F the Futility of singing in bars,
And H was the Hour I’d be ready to go! 

I was the ugliest kid in my school,
An eye for an eye and a five-second rule,
In a time full of nothing, to finally show

That I was, the Instant I’m ready to go.

J was the Job I could have if I stayed,
K was the Killing that stood to be made,
L was the Love I might otherwise know,
And M was the Minute I’m ready to go!

N was for Nothing, my future was Pee!
And Q was the Question “what happened to me?”
And R the Reply “Well, what happened to O?”
And S was the Second I’m Ready to Go!

You were the Universe, obviously:
You were like something you find in TV;

And Time was now suddenly stuttering so
And V was the Very last person to know:
Oh, no.

Double you, triple you, infinite you:
But X marks the spot I was turning into;
And Why is an answer I already knew:
And Z is for Zebra.

A was an answer I already knew:
B was the bore I was turning into:
See the calamity nothing will slow; but
D is the Day that I’ll go:
D is the Day that I’ll go!