Everything that I deserve
Makes it harder for me;
Every piece of conquered turf
For as far as the eye can see,
And upon it every serf;
Every dog with a flea
Is taken farther from free:
Farther from free:

You’ve got nothing and you serve:
Not a thing I could slave,
But me I’m grudging each hors d’ouevre
That I failed to save:
Every penny I’m unsure of
Is that much more of me
Taken farther from Free
Farther from Free:


Is my true love;
Never leave
me alone!
(Never be
a blind fool of,
so I’m kee-
ping her home,
lock and key,
bring her home;
not to de-
to me,
to me,
to me,
TO ME!!!

“Democracy”, if I’ve the nerve,
I’ll be killing, okay?
And don’t be calling me a perv:
We all want it that way –
Someone throwing us a curve,
Someone wants YOU to be
Taken farther from Free,
Farther from Free,

By “democracy” –
For “democracy”.