Girl I Gave My Chauffeur

That girl I gave my chauffeur
(That girl I’m holding down) –
She knows my game’s not over:
You know I own this town.
You don’t say “Lay hands off her:”
You sigh and go to bed.
It’s complicated,
it’s complicated,
it’s complicated
The way you tolerate it

Those times I sicced my pitbull
Upon those playground kids –
“Gee I’m so sorry it pulled
free: Don’t make a case of it.”
You say “It’s not so simple:
They’re always playing dead.
It’s complicated.
It’s complicated,
it’s complicated!”
the way you tolerate it:

“Some girls are not so decent!
Shoot daggers from their eyes!
It’s just a ‘he said, she said,”
She should have to compromise,
Or there can be no reset:
Unlock the cellar door…
Stop tearing off’ The _______ That
We Can’t Find A Partner For

That girl I gave my chauffeur
Keeps Trying to Scratch his Face!!!
Before that, it was “Oh, for
Pete’s sake, won’t you clean the place.”
But mostly it’s a “go” for
That little thing you said:
“It’s complicated.”
“It’s complicated.”
“It’s complicated.”

Your bill and someone paid it:
Making your “we did” “they did”
is Complicated.