See the cops kick down the door, in a World Without Coercion!
If it’s our stuff they did it for, then “MOTHER—-ERS ON THE FLOOR,”
it’s unimportant what they do – the handcuffs and the handguns too –
‘cos if the planet moves for you, you’re like a virgin
Doing everything we say, so you won’t get shot for eating
try to take our cops away and we’ll have to go all Pinochet
‘cos in the yesterday that’s dead, in doing everything we said,
you told ’em we could have the bread, and weren’t you free then?

See you’r freedom bound
Freedom isn’t free so long as I’m around
swallowing the key
you can’t ever take away my Liberty

What else would you call a state, does nothing but policing?
We’ll redefine the things you hate – there’s nothing left to demonstrate,
and anyway no more invites: it won’t be turning out the lights,
to say you only have the rights that property’s saying!
FREEDOM’S JUST ANOTHER WORD for what you’ve nothing left of –
And if we’re treating you like dirt, then it means you’re freer than a bird
of all the burden every cent we’re keeping from your government –
the so-much-more-of-us mustn’t be taken captive.

See you’r freedom bound –
Now she’s finished struggling judging by the sound
If she won’t have me
You can’t ever take away my liberty

Freedom used to mean allowed to participate in power
in what we’re utterly devout in giving you a World Without
and if you’re shouting at the gall we mention Liberty at all
Look over there! There’s someone calling in Jack Bauer!
If you can say you wouldn’t love to call Commander Burge in,
that should be alibi enough, while seeing to it the idea of
Democracy itself is killed, to be attaboyed and attagirled
for saying that you want a World Without Coercion.

That you’re floating doesn’t mean you haven’t drowned
Freedom Isn’t Free
You can’t ever take away my liberty.