So Frodo pretended to be part of their city
Their brokenness tending to hatred, not to pity,
The old man descended to break their false divinity told him what to do:
So here in this land, in the lateness of the hour,
and the fate in his hand of these faithless bred to cower,
weapon of the Enemy taken to his tower or, well, one of the two.
And a land plunged in death but with hate less of a motive
than each precious breath this great Satan had the throat of;
and O, Elbereth, what must wait world we know it above:
You’re up against Love,
you’re up against Love,
God help you, you’re up against Love.

Young Skywalker switched off his targeting computer,
it’s primary ignition now and him with his pea shooter,
his hokey religion, the holy man his tutor, and Owen and Beru.
Driven on by the thought he’d be seeing his Princess hurt,
and each deadly shot at him through the nothingness heard,
and two smouldering bodies just left there in the desert – Hey!! … Wouldn’t you?
So he gave into Force, and he gave over to ruin
enough slaves and storm troops to fill in a moon
and zero remorse for each poor FN-2187.
You’re up against Love
you’re up against Love
God help you, you’re up against love.

Michael Corleone loves,
there’s a love there for his daughter,
and this river’s been muddy, if
you don’t look down it’s water,
there’s a path set in front of
you accepting that First Order,
one simply does
walk into murder,
the pain in your past
and the childhood spent in Juvie
or having a blast, it was wild, it might prove that you
‘re really that fast – to retire as would behoove, be
fore reaching that part of the movie,
and how you were cast, and how enough is never enough
God help you, you’re up against Love
God help you, you’re up against Love

– Des Pickard