Nothing to Fear

You’ve got nothing to hide but It won’t hide:
Now it’s on every side, even inside.
It’s above being insincere:
Nothing to Fear.

You’ve got nothing in common with reporters,
with the finished-with-following-orders,
or the foreigners we cashier:
Nothing to Fear.

You’ve done nothing to draw their assailants,
unless the whole meaning of the surveillance
– what they’ve been straining to see –
You giving them the
“All Clear.”

Now it’s not Yog Sothoth in ascendance
if they’re memories now, the Amendments
that you saw as a souvenir:
Nothing to Fear

In your dream, through the park and the hallways,
Through the door – and it’s locked – ending always
With the silence behind your ear
Nothing to Fear

Give the monsters a miss, who will force you?
You ignore the Abyss, it ignores you
Which is funny because
How each of you loves
a mirror

I Have Nothing I Have to Hide
I Am Nothing, honest we’re
Nothing to Fear

We’re not running, we’re not even training.
It’d be wrong to say Nothing is gaining:
but that’s cause Nothing’s already here:
Nothing’s already here:
Nothing’s already here,
and it’s
Nothing to Fear.