Planet of the Dead

Please little monkey,
put down the gray banana:
you found the gun key –
Heaven has dropped this manna –
you like your fun, keep
letting what’s curious in a
monkey have its head:
Planet of the Dead
Planet of the Dead

Alien races,
they all avoid our planet –
thinking it tasteless
to come and do more than scan it,
checking our faces,
re-check their case list when a-
rriving where it said
“Planet of the Dead”
“Planet of the Dead”

Were they mistaken?
When they could see our planet
surviving Reagan, somehow escaping Kenned
-y and each time shaken –
never again to do it:
Somehow the safe end
ending in our face each time we blew it –

Please little Monkey –
put down the gray banana,
a few more months please –
another Age of Man, a-
nother century, one precious year and then a-
nother till you’re fed –
another till you’re fed –
another till you’re fed –
Planet of the Dead