Now, we were all in the backseat
(And obviously, the passing lane)
And nobody’s driving ‘cos everyone’s drunk, 
Nobody told me that Prohibition’s back again,
You know you should probably be finding someone

Hey! Hey! Hey!

You’re keeping pace with a taxi,
So why not blame the taxi driver?
Face down, relaxed (the
Partition is closed)!
The pills we gave just weren’t a vaccine,
No-one likes a backseat driver,
Save your attacks, we’ve
Been tracking down those

If we could figure out the doors,
We could take all your suggestions now, we’d

Leap car-to-car, or
That thing that you yelled
About the “seatbelts,” ignoring
how we actually just told you how we
Cannot be Held.

Don’t want to hear about the bumps
We ran into at the intersection,
Steered with our thumbs
Till they made us lose hold:
It should be clear this is one party
Under nobody’s direction! 
It never gets old!  
It never gets old!
It never,
it never gets old!

(No it doesn’t!)

Hey! Hey! Hey!

If there’s a bend in this highway
It isn’t for a minute, yet – we’re
Spending it my way, – like everyone wants!
My blurry friend, you can fly away,
Contented that we’re finished, here:
You’ve had my response!
… My response!