The Line Somewhere

I draw your face from observation:
I always fall in love this way:
When you’re so gracious and so patient
to let me stare at you all day
And I can ace or not the placement
I draw your eyes, I draw your hair:
it’s not your face or what your face meant
but I’ve got to draw the line somewhere x4

I draw the world but in perspective:
I only ever get one side.
In the detail that you’d expect of a drawing pad yea long and yea wide:
I draw your face where all my trust is
where it is easiest to care:
I’m doing neither of you justice
But I’ve got to draw the line somwhere x4

The world is gone
it’s drawn and quartered
it’s in the papers every day:
It drew upon our love like water
Where what is drawn won’t get to stay:
You’re moving on:
I know you oughtta
Not one is straight, I know from mine –
We draw the line x2

Whether by motors wings or pistons
one day I’ll go ten times that far.
True love is worshipping the distance
Which in the end our loved ones are.
And of the world – with your assistance,
To never say it wasn’t fair:

It’s just got to draw the line somewhere.