The Troglodytes

Now the Troglodytes return to the foundation
And the gotta-be-rights concerned with nothing so much as miscegenation
Between that nation
And themselves
And perturbations
In the bedrock that noone delves
Like the Troglodytes

Some of the foreigners like that fundamentalism
And we have got an Enlightenment they can see is better yeah, but so far it isn’t
Between those prisoners
In their bays
And the decision
“Rob or bomb them right back to the days
Of the Troglodytes”

Cos “we’ve gotta be fightin’ ’em there or be fightin’ ’em here”
The very thought that we’re writing their recruitment flyers
For them – faster than they can disappear
And could be trading brawn for brains
Might just require associating with the indigenous strains

So the Troglodytes are following a vision
We maybe oughtta invite them into a light we’d share with them yeah but that’d mean religion
And individua
lism balks
It will be stygian
It will be stygian
It will be dark
In the place one finally talks
to the Troglodytes

Slide guitar (and sound board): the magnificent Chris Butler