Your days full of praisers lined up for the feast
Would all be through, had they seen You Becoming a Beast! 
Your horde to be gored hoping they’ll just be fleeced,
Would all be gone had they looked on You Becoming a …
Your roar them should scare as are in no petting zoo:
“When you’re anywhere better do as the werewolves dawoooooo!” 
Your win-(and tooth-)some grin, and your brow uncreased,
Aren’t to play dumb, they’re You Becoming a Beast!

We’ll hide us inside, but you won’t be policed:
The nights are free to fight or flee, Becoming a Beast! 
The Lessers profess their “I will be released”
To some, lessee, who could it be, Becoming a …
Your tune “Liberty, when Democracy’s done”
(a Moon ever free from the light of the Sun)
Is the same if you blame one more con artiste,
Or do keep schtum: it’s You Becoming a Beast!

Awooooooo!  (this is you)

There’s no point in arguing or calling a priest –
Not anymore: your reason for: Becoming a Beast! 
If the ten-times-three that your forepaws greased
Were melted down, what goes around, Becoming a …
With so much to grieve, and so few who still care
I can’t not believe you’re still someplace in there,
But the lair you prepare where we’re all deceased
Dor lack of laws, must give us pause, at least:

So here’s a rule of thumb: Get two: we’ll be coming.
A rule of thumb (it’s too ill-becoming)
A rule:
… becoming a Beast!

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