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You can also download many other, non-studio-recorded songs here
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I send very few updates and the ones I do send are fabulous: please get on my list by writing me at des@despicablemusic.org.  Hi!  

Talent is nothing to be proud of and if I _don't_ have it you shouldn't pay me for that, either - all songs are free except for the the discrete but inwardly discernable uptick in your political involvement you'll owe me (per our 'Suggested Donation One Soul' policy) if you really really like them.  Activism is like dating: maintain a sense of humor.Any bass you hear is Bill Kavanagh, horn is Paul Calzaretta, drums are gonna tend to be Jack McClain, Butler did the slide guitar and hand percussion (and recording) on the Decadence EP recordings.

Mysteryville    Better In A War (demo)    Free Will    Get A Job    The Troglodytes    Treehugger    The Afterlife   Hey Thanks Jude   House of Cards   The Shadow of the World    My Dear in the Headlights   Top of the World   The Second Coming


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Some Accompanying Blather


This is a completely true story, except I went a month late one year.  Oh and I'm a coward.

Colorless Green

Anarchy is "no rulers", whereas chaos is no rules.  You see?   Opposites.  This song details Chomsky's endless struggle with Cthulhu.

Pushing Up Daisy

This song I think manages to simultaneously and completely feel two opposite ways about the same event .

Freezerburn You are a leftover.
15 min / 4 years

This is a song about that "daily democracy requires daily citizenship" thing.  Ah, well.

The @$#* Starts Here

This is a song that I tried to work the "muttonchops" hairstyle into, but rhyme or no rhyme it didn't take.

(Every Inch Of My) Freedom This is a song that I avoid ever thinking too closely about when performing the instrumental section.
The Masturbation Rag This is a song about not loving people enough: sentimentality is undead love. 
What I Know This is a series of nice visual puns capped with an implausible gesture.

This was written under Bush, but Obama sadly  is Bush's third and fourth term.  Never compare anyone to Hitler - what do you want, to learn from history?

The Arc of the Covenant This is a love song slathered in Douglas Rushkoff and maybe a little Michael Neumann.
Land Called Jesus This is a atheist crucifixion porn.  - Hang on, that's the whole website! - the death was from suffocation.
Power In The Blood

This is a Chomskyan overview with even more atheist Biblical imagery, recorded years back on some glorious fella's bass guitar.

Don't Kick The TV This is a mournful love song with an odd populist dig at liberalism attempted in the middle.
The Red Red Sea This is a song that convinced my Mom that my music was pure idiocy for a whole year after she heard it.
Long Live The King This was meant to be longer, but I sort of like it this way.
Cahoots This is a reaction to hearing somebody say "Activism? Some of us have lives" and thinking too slowly to answer "Yes, but for how long?"
I'm Only Being True This is another attempt at equal-opportunity liberal- and conservative- bashing.  One day I'll rewrite it so it works.
Solid Fuel Rocket This is a song that I've since written a proper ending for.

This is a song for, and only for, those who've lost no-one close in the war 'n' terror, with humble apologies on our behalf to the rest of you.

I Love Everybody This is an excuse to name the two kinds of circulation in plants, dragged reluctantly to odd places by the rhyme scheme. 

This is a lighthearted song about New York getting destroyed, as I felt we needed one in the months after 9/11.  I dunno.

The World's Big Secret This is a song about learning The World's Big Secret, and adding it to the pile.  Will rewrite someday.
Fingerpuzzle This is an attempt at an Elvis Costello song, minus the pettiness and the genius and all that.  I hope ugly enough?
The Way

This is a song about lust of country.  Face it, she has a sweet ass.


This website really hasn't changed in way too long, and there's too many songs I've written and played out that aren't available above.  Still writing 'em, too.
If the NYC 4/9/11 CD giveaway gets a kindly enough response (editor's note: it didn't), that may inspire me to get this page in order.
I'll eventually have all of these and more available to you on this website for nothing more than the "suggested donation one human soul" thing summarized up top.
Please tell your friends about my site, and thanks.

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